Almost all of our projects can be seen on instagram and featured on the DIELINE but here are a few to enjoy.


FLWRPWR reached out to Candy Brophy Creative in order to give their brand packaging a crispyedge over their competition. What was once regarded as an anti-war slogan in the late 60s and early 70s, is now going to be known for providing smiles and satisfaction from the grocery store shelf to the moment you realize you already had the last chip. 

Focusing predominantly on retro color schemes and the combination of soft, rounded shapes and sharp-angled strokes, Candy did well to acknowledge the ideals of the 70s culture through her design. The emphasis on health and wellness through the inclusion of sunflower seed oil is found, not only in the clever name, but in the incorporation of nature on the label as well. The sunny, contagious smiles on the cartoon flowers suggest a level of trust in the whole and organic ingredients within.

Block Party Chocolate

As more and more hemp-infused chocolates enter the marketplace, it's easy to get lost in a sea of your favorite sweet delights. All the more reason that Block Pary needed to revamp their line of treats. Turning to Candy Brophy Creative, the brand opted for a type-focused throwback with funky, stretched-out letters and bold colors. Brophy even warped the warning, something you certainly can't get away with here in the states, but a lovely detail for our neighbors down under.

We spoke with Brophy about her design for Block Party and how it eschews the "Mumsy" friendly cues that dominate much of the chocolate landscape.


NUK NUK is a concept hemp soda range 

Over a year ago we shared on social media a NIKE X Uno Collab to merge our favourite fast game with our favourite fast shoe the Nike Air Max, since then in an "amazing coincidence" NIKE and Uno have made a collab So here's all our other collab concepts that may come to life through the power of the universe and google.


SAMA Puts The S In Delicious...And In Seltser! By just looking at the label, you would never use the word ‘hard’ to describe SAMA’s seltser, given the soft, rounded edges of the lettering. But that was Candy Brophy’s goal when conceptualizing this branding project. With a face like that—featuring a neon color palette and generally prolonged design—it’s no wonder SAMA Hard Seltzer is getting so much love. The creatively elongated letter A, meant to be pronounced twice, stands out and gives the design a quirky edge. 

Perfy The Perfect Soda

Perfy is our most recent creation to help our client create the perfect packaging and branding for their "old school taste" for an alternative healthy soda range. With many lines on the market is was critical to produce something with unique graphics and illustrations so we set out illustrating fruits in a quirky mid century abstract way, perfectly imperfect. Perfy vibes had to be perfect for our client so many concepts we undertaken and the last minute colour ways are from one of our concept sodas Fast Energy. Creating concepts often help clients who may be indecisive about the direction the want to go in. But the result is a fun yummy looking launch range of 3 fruity flavours that we can't wait to try! order your starter pack at @drinkperfy now